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Disposal of fluorescent, LED and energy saving lamps

Used fluorescent, LED and energy saving lamps need to be disposed of properly. In Europe, all energy saving lamps should be disposed of as special waste along with other waste which contains mercury. There are recycling depots and collection points available across Europe where these old lamps can be discarded free-of-charge. This ensures that raw materials, mercury and other metals and glass etc. are handled appropriately and recycled.
The EU issues specifications governing the disposal of these items. The European WEEE and RoHS guidelines form the basis for the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act of 2005 which specifies how electrical and electronic items should be collected and disposed of. Companies provide a comprehensive network of collection points for the ecologically-friendly disposal of used LED and energy saving lamps and fluorescent tubes.

Local recycling partners

AT Austrie UFH
BE Belgium LightRec (Recupel)
CH Switzerland Stiftung Licht Recycling Schweiz (SLRS)
CZ Czech Republic Ekolamp
DE Germany Lightcycle Retourlogistik und Service GmbH
DK Denmark Lyskildebranches WEEE Forening (LWF)
EE Estonia Ekogaisma SIA
ES Spain Ambilamp
FI Finland FLIP
FR France Récylum
GB United Kingdom Recolight Limited
GR Greece Appliances Recycling S.A.
HU Hungary Electro-Coord Kht.
IE Ireland Recolight Ireland
IT Italy Ecolamp
LT Lithuania Eko sviesa
LU Luxembourg Ecotrel asbl
LV Latvia Ekogaisma SIA
NL Netherlands Lightrec
NO Norway El-Retur
PL Poland ElektroEko
PT Portugal Amb3E
RO Romania Asociatia Recolamp
SE Sweden El-Kretsen i Sverige AB
SI Slovenia Ekosij Zeos
SK Slovakia Ekolamp